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In todays world your users have access to much better applications and user interface on their phone than your enterprise applications.  Industry research indicates that by 2017, the millennial generation will comprise the largest online audience and a significant part of your workforce. UI modernization is no more a luxury than being a core necessity for your organizations IT systems. Not only it helps how to have a better user satisfaction but also helps in saving time for your company from focusing on mundane tasks and better utilize the time of the employees in business development. With the number of devices and form factors diverging it is essential to have your business apps also adapt to the modern web. It is not just your website which needs to be responsive and work on a tablet or a phone but your business apps do as well. OpenUI5 is an opensource UI framework released by SAP but adopted by a wide variety of organizations for both their SAP and non SAP Applications. Replace your green screens and 90s style screens with a modern UI based on OpenUI5. . To see what can be done with OpenUI5 scroll down.

Enterprise-Ready Web Toolkit

OpenUI5 is just like Bootstrap for your website. Be it a Customer Portal or a Internal HR Applcation OpenUI5 comes with a ready tools & controls to develop your next generation UI Application


Feature-Rich UI Controls

OpenUI5 comes with a large set of controls ranging from basic functionality to complex UI patterns. Provides predefined layouts for typical use cases. Intelligent application containers that simplify the creation of full blown web applications


Powerful Development Concepts

OpenUI5 comes with proven development models and integrates with a wide variety of data models like Odata, XML, Json.


Consistent User Experience

OpenUI5 comes with its own design language which fits like a glove with Enterprise requirements. Why? Because it was developed by SAP who are the leaders in the Enterprise Application market. And you can customize it


Responsive Across Browsers and Devices

Build Once Run on multiple front-ends. OpenUI5 is based on web standards such as HTML5 & CSS. Hence it is scalable for multiple form-factors. The users will feel home with it on a desktop as well as a mobile phone.


OpenUI5 is an Open Source web UI toolkit released under the Apache 2.0 license by SAP. SAPUI5 is SAP's javascript frontend toolkit and uses large parts of OpenUI5. The technology stack both projects are built on is often referred to as UI5 in short. It is built on web standards like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
No. OpenUI5 runs on top of any application – Whether it is .Net or MySQL. OpenUI5 works with any middle layer web server like JSON, XML or Odata
It includes a large number of UI controls (more than 180) and extensive framework functionality like Model-View-Controller support with declarative UIs, two-way data binding, HTML templating, routing and much more. Read more about the key features.
OpenUI5 is OpenSource. SAP uses a closed source called as SAPUI5 for its customers whereas OpenUI5 is for anyone to use.
Yes It is Opensource and will remain opensource. There is no license fees or royalty fees for using the framework in your application.
Both libraries use the exact same programming model and core functionalities like MVC or data binding. It differs only in the number of frontend controls that are included.OpenUI5 was released by a group of SAP JavaScript developers and mostly contains the code this group is responsible for.
Yes! OpenUI5 can be customized to meet your organization needs and branding with minimal effort. The controls also can be customized and new controls created to meet your business needs. To see what can be done with OpenUI5 click here.

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