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HANA is a game changed database technology for SAP. It is a In-Memory computing database and also brings in a lot of capabilities on Application analysis. SAP HANA appliance was released in 2011 combining several acceleration technologies such as in-memory database, column-based storage and queries, data compression and parallel processing. The goal is to transform the way data management is usually envisioned by allowing analytical processing and aggregation on huge "big data" sources (up to 100 terabytes), directly in memory. 

Database Services

Accelerate real-time responsiveness with SAP HANA in-memory database services.  Process high-speed transactions, while analyzing fresh data on the fly to take action in the moment.  And manage large database volumes cost-effectively using multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multi-tier storage.


Analytics & Data Processing

Gain new insights from advanced analytics.  Leverage SAP HANA in-memory, data processing capabilities – text, predictive, spatial, streaming & time series – to build intelligent applications that provide deeper insight at unprecedented speed.


Application Development & Deployment

Develop and deploy next-generation applications.  Create modern business applications that combine analytics and transactions for real-time insight.  Deliver personalized experiences to serve the right data at the right time to help your business users succeed.


Data Access, Integration & Quality

Acquire data from a variety of sources to gain a complete view of your business.  Access data where it is located, integrate or replicate relevant data into SAP HANA and ensure data quality to ensure confidence in decision making. 


Administration & IT Operations

Simplify system administration and IT operations with efficient tools.  Monitor processes, keep your data secure and achieve continuous availability to keep your business running effectively.


The “HANA” acronym stands for High-Performance Analytical Appliance. SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory database technology that leverages the low cost of computer server memory (RAM), the data processing abilities of multicore processors, and the fast data access of solid-state drives to deliver better performance of analytical and transactional applications. SAP HANA supports relational data, semi-structured and unstructured data management within the same system. One of the most impressive features of HANA is its ability to reduce the analysis of billions of data records, a process that previously took hours to complete, to mere seconds or even fractions of a second.
In-memory computing is a technology that allows the processing of massive quantities of data in main memory to provide immediate results from analysis and transaction. The data to be processed is ideally real-time data that is available for processing or analysis immediately after it is created.
Customers who have SAP ERP installed already. While the majority of opportunities Logicalis has seen so far have been with businesses that use SAP ERP applications, SAP notes that HANA is also a solid choice for companies using ERP applications other than SAP. Customers whose reports or analytic applications simply run too slowly to provide optimal business benefits, and for whom a 5X to 1000X performance improvement would be material to their business Customers experiencing unacceptable downtimes where the client’s data warehouse is not available due to the need to load data Customers reporting a need to see current, up-to-the-moment data Customers who have a frequent need to create new reports or analytical applications, but whose IT struggles to maintain the business warehouse and keep it performing under changing user demands Customers who say they are happy with their business warehouse or ERP solution, but who have a few reports that run in hours instead of seconds Customers whose IT can’t respond quickly enough to user requests, the system is offline during the business day in one of their regions, or the data in the warehouse is “stale