SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the in-memory Platform-as-a-Service offering from SAP, enables customers and developers to build, extend, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud. With flexible subscription models and optional services for apps, database, and infrastructure, it provides instant access to the full power of SAP HANA.

Deliver enterprise-grade native and hybrid mobile apps

SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile portfolio delivers key capabilities such as multiple authentication methods, secure access to on-premises and cloud-based systems, offline synchronization, remote logging control and retrieval, automatic app updates for hybrid apps, one to one and one to many push notifications and much more.


Integration Services

Improve business agility and prevent data and application silos by seamlessly and securely integrating your cloud applications into your business landscape. With the integration services of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, you can securely collaborate with customers and partners at scale to improve efficiencies as well as gain real-time insights from sensors, devices, and social sentiment.


User Experience

Deliver Great User Experience at Scale with SAP User Experience as a Service(UXaaS). UXaaS is an integrated component of SAP HANA Cloud Platform that empowers organizations to build and scale simple, personalized and responsive user experience. Minimize costly design rework and accelerate application development with SAP User Experience as a Service.


Data & Storage

By eliminating the divide between transactions and analytics, SAP HANA allows you to answer any business question anywhere in real time. When you place predictive analytics, spatial processing and data virtualization on the same architecture, innovating with your big data is simplified and accelerated. SAP HANA drives performance, expedites processes and truly revolutionizes business.



Development and IT Operations allows developers to develop and manage applications - including complete life cycle management. These services not only increase developer productivity by simplifying development but also improve team productivity with the ability to code and collaborate anywhere.


1. What is HANA AppServices?

SAP HANA AppServices is ideal for the creation of innovative, consumer grade applications, and for the extension of cloud and on premise applications. It is packed with features that enable the real-time, secure applications required to succeed in today's always-on, mobile, social and data driven world. It includes support for integration, analytics, mobile, portals and collaboration, and is available by purchasing license and infrastructure subscriptions. SAP HANA AppServices builds on the capabilities of SAP HANA DB Services.

2. What is HANA DB Services?

SAP HANA DB Services is an easy, low cost way to be up and running with a fully supported SAP HANA system with monthly license and infrastructure subscriptions. With monthly subscriptions in configurations from 128GB to 1TB, SAP's HANA DB Services delivers fast provisioning of SAP HANA and hardware, and includes a cloud management console for easy configuration and administration. It allows customers to build real time analytic applications using the development capabilities of SAP HANA.

3. What is SAP HANA Infrastructure Services?

SAP HANA Infrastructure Services enables customers to quickly deploy and manage their prelicensed SAP HANA instances without hardware investments and setup time, by purchasing infrastructure subscriptions. Available in configurations ranging from 128GB to 1TB, SAP's infrastructure subscription is a scalable, affordable way to deploy SAP HANA licenses in the cloud. Also included is the SAP Data Services component of SAP HANA Cloud Integration, providing seamless integration with SAP back-ends and heterogeneous sources.

4. What is the difference between SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud??

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is for customers who wish to: build, extend and run next-generation applications on SAP HANA in the cloud, and quickly deploy SAP HANA licenses and/or apps without hardware investment SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is an enterprise-class managed cloud offering that provides infrastructure and managed services on a monthly subscription basis, and is ideally suited for applications such as SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse, and for complex landscapes.

5. What are the differences between the free and the Starter Edition of SAP HANA Cloud Platform??

The free edition allows developers to learn about and build initial applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. For ongoing projects and larger developments, we encourage developers to evaluate the new Starter Edition of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, along with the SAP PartnerEdge Application Development Program.

6. What distinguishes SAP HANA AppServices from competitive platform offerings?

The following features differentiate SAP HANA AppServices from other competitive platform offerings: Highly scalable, reliable, and secure platform - certified to meet the latest industry cloud standards - for building, deploying, and managing mission-critical, cloud-based enterprise business applications, Native connectivity to back-end enterprise business content, including content from SAP and non- SAP solutions, whether running in the cloud or on premise, Leveraging of the real-time, in-memory computing technology and embedded analytics of the SAP HANA database, enabling the kinds of applications not possible on other business platforms