SAP Fiori is one of the most important initiatives by SAP to improve the user experience of your SAP systems. Fiori aims to bring your SAP GUI screens to the modern web. ERP revolutionized the way companies managed their resources and target their business goals. The development of ERP systems and its adoption across different departments also brought complexities in terms of user interface, user experience. With the evolution of the consumer web enterprise users began demanding the same level of user experiences in their enterprise applications. SAP has been evolving various technologies for user interface and Fiori is the latest and most advanced on par with the consumer web technologies. It is time to replace your SAP GUI or other clunky webpages with delightful screens of Fiori and make life easier for your end users.

Resulting in satisfied end user experience, better adoption of Enterprise applications, Less time spent on systems, delighted users, Millenials user experience, state of the art UI, Flexibility, SAP on the go, Easier adoption of cloud, Reduced training needs all

Delightful End user experience

SAP Fiori comes with themes that are easy on the eye with clear, consistent and well designed UI elements for your SAP screens. SAP is evolving the Fiori screens with innovations such as Fiori 2.0, CoPilot feature to keep your End users and executives delighted. Try Fiori in action now


Lesser time spent on IT systems and more on Business

SAP Fiori also helps you do your tasks faster. The average clicks needed on a Fiori screen as compared to the SAP Gui are 30% lesser and take lesser time to execute. So your users can focus more on the business than on the repetitive tasks on their IT systems.


Use SAP on the Go

SAP Fiori comes with a consistent user experience across desktop, table and web so your users dont have to be tied down to their desktops. They can use Fiori apps on their browser or the tablet or the mobile phone while they are on the move. SAP Fiori also uses the same design language across the browser and native applications on Android and iOS.


Reduce training and onboarding needs

SAP Rollouts and new features additions require training both on the business process as well as the user interface. With Fiori you can use enterprise grade walkthrough solutions which guide the users on the steps required to be performed to execute a certain task.


Better adoption and usage of your IT

With SAP Fiori your users get a delightful experiences, mobility, faster clock speed, faster onboarding. All of this makes the adoption of your IT easier on the business and drives more acceptance into the business users and end user community.


SAP Fiori is the brand name for the business applications developed by SAP which deliver the new user experience. Fiori apps are built on the proprietary technology called SAPUI5 which is the enterprise variant of the Open source OPENUI5.
SAP Fiori works best with SAP Backend applications as they are designed to be working with the SAP specific data models and behavior.
It includes a large number of UI controls (more than 180) and extensive framework functionality like Model-View-Controller support with declarative UIs, two-way data binding, HTML templating, routing and much more.
To deploy Fiori apps SAP recommends using the SAP Gateway where all the web services/Odata models are built.
Fiori is the brand name for the SAPUI5 apps delivered by SAP. SAPUI5 is the underlying framework and OpenUI5 is the same framework but it is Opensource. Both libraries use the exact same programming model and core functionalities like MVC or data binding. It differs only in the number of frontend controls that are included.OpenUI5 was released by a group of SAP JavaScript developers and mostly contains the code this group is responsible for.
This is where we come in. Like most of SAP Products Fiori will also need a level of customization to meet your business requirements, branding requirements and user requirements. Fiori apps can be customized using HTML5, CSS and Odata as per your needs. Contact us here to get a free quote on customizing your Fiori App.