Self service User Authorization app

What was the product?
Self service User Authorization app using HANA Cloud platform

Customers objective was to simplify the user request and approval process for the SAP authorizations and use self service for requesting the right user roles and clear information availability for the approvers. This was an innovative project to take the pain out of the SAP Authorization in the daily support. This project was aimed at reducing the cost of support for end user and super user authorization requests in a large number of SAP systems.

What LogicScale did?
LogicScale created a Hybrid Mobile application in Android & admin website to simplify user authorization for a large Australian customer. Hana Cloud platform was used for running the HANA database to support SAP provided data as well as custom tables created in the platform to improve the usability of the roles & authorization process. Communication between mobile app and SAP backend system is through HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) cloud connector. Data exchange between mobile app and SAP uses REST API (specifically OData) and all calls from/to mobile app use HTTP(s) protocol. Authentication to HCP was done using Kapsel plugin.