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SAP HCP – API Management

API management was earlier live on HCP and which was very good so that customers could subscribe and use on HCP but only if there is a valid license. Recently API management is put on HCP trial that means everyone who has HCP subscription can login and can enable API management and can play with it right away.........Read More

09-Sep-16 | by Pankaja Soundekar


In 1972, 5 former IBM employees came together to form a company called System Analysis and Program Development which was later called SAP.
Evolved from RF Accounting System .........Read More

09-Sep-16 | by Pankaja Soundekar

Integration Services for SAP HANA® CLOUD PLATFORM (Infographics)

Business and IT leaders who recognize the value of a cohesive hybrid landscape are increasingly adopting SAP HANA® Cloud Platform to solve their enterprise-wide data needs. This open platform helps enterprises like yours rapidly develop new applications, extend existing ones.......Read More

09-Sep-16 | by Pankaja Soundekar