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Post by Chandan Kalita, Sep 08, 2016.
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SAP HCP MS Introduction

SAP HCP mobile Services also known as SAP HCPMS for development and operations, it is the service hosted on HCP which is an end to end development platform for mobilizing all enterprise scenarios. This product consists of mobile SDK and platform services which supports governance, security, integration, manageability and supportability aspects of an enterprise. Using mobile SDK you can build B2B, B2E, or B2C applications for online or offline data access, can build native applications for IOS, Android and windows devices, hybrid applications can also be built cross platform using mobile SDK with apache cordova.


Mobile SDK

With huge number of tools offered in the market it’s definitely difficult, yet decisions should be always driven by business needs. On a high level you go for hybrid if you want to write once and make it run in multiple operating systems. If having cost constraints and need a user experience that doesn’t need to be consumer grade then existing web development skillsets can be used and good to use plugins to access the device hardware features. You go for native mostly when you want an unbeatable user experience like most B2C applications. You have access to excellent native development skills you have need for UI performance which is of importance and you would like to leverage all the new features of device hardware eg, 3D touch.



HCP platform services supports hybrid and full cloud solutions by offering a flexible and scalable runtime for mobile apps. It supports simul as a standard way to authorize uses on devices. It also enables offline application to experience disconnected access to data very quickly and also notify the data via push notifications when data changes in the backend. It is easy to integrate backend system via REST API and it also integrates to non-sap systems. The manageability and supportability features exposed in HCP MS cockpit are user onboarding support, manage the hybrid application life cycle, monitor the usage of mobile apps feed, manage applications resources like containers of dynamic configurations styles or content that can be downloaded by applications not only this, there are more like logs for monitoring systems, health and troubleshooting and many more which you can get to know in

Is transition required from SAP mobile platform 3.0 to HCPMS

No, HCPMS is a platform as service offering on cloud from SAP so it is not necessary that you have to move to HCPMS if you are on SMP. The requirements are always different HCPMS has normal benefits of cloud solution like low barrier of entry easily scales to grow and leverage other HCP services. While customers and partners who need on premise solution with full control of infrastructure and tight integration with enterprise systems still should use SMP 3.0. All the major functionalities of SMP are available in HCPMS but we still have more in the roadmap like mobilizing data from third party system we need to use HCI which is also known as SAP HCP Integration Services and this is the replacement for integration gateway in SMP this is already in beta phase. You will also be able to run SAP work manager and SAP inventory manager which are the formal cycle applications in HCP. HCPMS also shares same SDK with SMP means write once and deploy on cloud or on premise as per your requirement.


Other mobile services offering HCP

There are other 2 mobile services in HCP they are,
1. SAP HCPMS for app and device management formerly known as SAP Mobile Secure. It is complete software as service based offering giving you the power to manage mobile workflow in other words an SMM or Enterprise Mobile management solution it includes mobile device management and also the mobile app management services.
2. SAP HCPMS for SAP FIORI. This is available with the product SAP FIORI cloud edition premium version. This service provides end users with best possible mobile experience for their FIORI applications. It has a secure and seamless integration for complex FIORI deployment scenarios and provides very simple way for administrators to manage secure, enable and test FIORI apps and their lifecycles.

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